April 15/16th, 2017

Bilbao Downhill International

UCI Class 2 points

Spanish Open



Trofy and cash prize for the fastest riders to cross the finish line


The top10 elite male and female will get UCI points for the UCI DH world Ranking





UCI Points

1st 250€ 250€ 30 points
2nd 200€ 200€ 20 points
3rd 150€ 150€ 15 points
4th 125€ 125€ 12 points
5th 100€ 100€ 10 points
6th 90€ 90€ 8 points
7th 80€ 80€ 6 points
8th 70€ 70€ 4 points
9th 2 points
10th 1 points


There will be a print for fastest 3 male and females of each category:


– U16

– U18

– Élite

– 30 to 39 years old riders

– 40 to 49 years old riders

– 50 to 69 years old riders

BILBAO DOWNHILL International Cup.Flying over weels

Daniel Olarra won the Bilbao Downhill with Fernando Olañeta second and Ben Moore (UK) third. Great sunny day to close the season with pure downhill event. We take the plunge to the UCI regulations to face a Spanish Open by next year and more UCI points in the future.

#BilbaoDownhill 2017 results

The BILBAO DOWNHILL International Cup will take place next Saturday, December 3rd, in the Bilbao’s well-known Potongo Track.

The Downhill is a modality of mountain biking consisting on going down a hill as quick as possible, in a track distinguished for big slops, impossible courses and dizzying leaps. After the great experience last year of the Bilbao City Downhill, with an amazing influx of audience, we take the plunge to the UCI regulations to face both modalities in the future.


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Patrocinadores públicos

Ayuntamiento de Bilbao Euskadi Basque Country


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