We will be better with your help

¿Would you like to volunteer in the BILBAO DOWNHILL?

Get closer to the sport world, and especially in the downhill, the next month of December in a new edition of this amazing modality that will be repeated one more time in the Biscayne capital. We would like to invite you live this event from the inside, participating in the full development of the race.

¡Your help will be more than necessary!

In this type of sport, we need to take care of our riders as well as of the fans, these means we need to manage every single aspect of the event, from the beginning, supplying, direction of the race and finishing line. We will also have to inform to fans and press that gather around Bilbao for the event.

Last year you were more than 70, and this year we wait more of you!!!

If you want to be part of the organisation as the volunteer of the BILBAO DOWNHILL the days 30th and 31st of March and 1st of April do not hesitate on contacting us on info@innevento.com

For the value we give from the Bilbao Downhill to the volunteers, and after last year’s experience, we assure you that we will give you full information about the event, and provide you with any necessary equipement required for your task..

In exchange, we look for persistent and committed people, with a positive and participatory attitude, respecting principles and directions given.


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